Free Sceletium teacut sample


Free Sceletium tortuosum teacut sample. 3mg of pure, premium, fermented Kanna. Please note that we will only send one Sceletium sample per customer.


Kanna teacut sample

free sceletium teacut sample

Free Sceletium teacut sample. 3grams PLEASE NOTE: ONE SAMPLE PER CLIENT

3g of Kanna tea in the sample is enough to make yourself some nice cups of relaxation tea (see dosage) If you need more, you can purchase the 50grams of Kanna teacut.

Methods of using Sceletium teacut:
– Brew the kanna teacut for a nice cup of tea to relax.
– Mix your favorite herbs with the kanna teacut for a nice tea blend.
– Add a bit of honey and a dash of lemon for a nice taste.
– Pick out the soft parts of the Sceletium teacut with a tobacco-like texture if you wish to have nice smokeable material.

Usage of Sceletium teacut:

– Relax and Fight Stress.
– Help cope with mood disorders.
– Creates a nice Relaxation effect.
– Fight anxiety.

Please take note that we only keep a few Sceletium teacut samples at hand. We used to ship the samples free of charge, but had to change our company policy to charge for shipping and handling. You can also add a Sceletium powder sample to your cart.

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