free sceletium samples

Free Sceletium Sample

Free Sceletium sample available for testing. We will gladly send you a free sample of either Kanna powder or Kanna teacut. Only requirement is $10 USD / R100.00ZAR for Shipping and Handling.

Click on the link to pay for the shipping of your free sample of our Sceletium and remember to send us your shipping address.

Your free kanna sample will dispatch within 24hours upon receipt of the funds. We ship via local South African Postal Office.

We will furnice you with the tracking details and we will be able to trace it within the South African border boundaries. Once it left the borders of South Africa, please allow 72 hours for customs and import handling.

Thereafter, you can trace the parcel via your local postal services.

Free Sceletium sample available: teacut or powder

Please note that the free Sceletium samples are only one per client. You can either have one sceletium sample in powder or one sample in teacut form.