sceletium tortuosum cultivation

Growing Sceletium tortuosum

Tips for growing Sceletium tortuosum plants from seeds. Kanna cultivation.

Growing Sceletium tortuosum are fairly easy. Read below to get the information on how we grow our plants. (Surely there are other growers who have their own methods. Our methods of growing Sceletium are based on trial and error over the passed couple of years.)

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With our harvests, we collected some seed pods after flowering season. The bigger the pods, the more and healthier the seeds. Please keep in mind that the pods must dry out on the plant and not harvested while they are green. This will ensure that you have health seeds to germinate.

This is some of the seed pods we got from the last Sceletium harvest.

Note that they are very dry. To remove the seeds, gently remove the soft bottom of the pod. This looks like a white round cushion. Most of the times you will see the black/brownish seeds stacked neatly inside the pod.

Removing the seeds from the seedpods:

Once removed, carefully break open the top part of the pod – some of the seeds will fall out once you do this. Without breaking the seeds, remove the rest from the pod.

If there are some tiny bits and pieces of the pod between the seeds, just spread it open and blow slightly on it.

The pieces are very light and will blow away easily. We use a sheet of paper to work on. As the seeds are dark, it is quite visible on the white paper.

The amount of Sceletium seeds vary from pod to pod. Some pods are very generous with the quantity of seeds it holds, but some not so much.

The seeds are very small and thin, so handle with care.

Planting the seeds:

We prefer to plant it in seed trays for germination. Ensure to choose a growth medium which are natural and our preference is not to mix it with any type of soil. This will ensure proper drainage.

Once you have filled the seed trays with the growth medium (we mostly use coconut peat moss), press lightly on the medium in each cube to make a slight hole/dent to place the seed in.

Once all holes had been filled with one seed each, top it up with a thin layer of medium. Make sure to use a soft sprayer to water it. We use mist sprayers. Do not over water the trays and make sure that the growth medium stays moist.

In most cases, the seeds will take between two and four weeks to start germinate, but sometimes much, much longer. It depends on the climate and heat. Take in consideration that Sceletium is a succulent coming from the Karoo area – where it is really, really hot.

The seedling are very small and looks like a little ball once it germinates. It is actually two leaves together and will open to look very cute.

Make sure that the plant stays in the trays until the roots are strong and the plant itself are strong enough to be removed from the tray without breaking it. Again, do not over water the plant. Only when it is dry.

If you would like to buy some seeds, send us an email. We will add seeds for sale in our online shop once it is up and running.

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