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Effects of using Sceletium tortuosum

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Sceletium effects. Below are three experiences taken from

1st Experience

1. Sceletium tortuosum intense rush:
Sceletium effects recorded from 1st experience: “I recently ordered a 1/4 ounce of Sceletium Tortuosum for $40 USD after reading some historical information and old trip reports on an ethnobotanical website. I received my package which contained a baggie of brown, fine ground powder. Some of the historical information mentioned that sceletium had been snorted by indiginous African tribes. I snorted approximately 1gm of the fine powder. After about 15 minutes I began to feel a little giddy and got up to walk around. Soon thereafter I experienced a powerful rush that reminded me of the onset of MDMA. … Read more

2nd Experience

2. Kanna in pre-Blizzard NYC / Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) & Alcohol
Sceletium effects recorded from 2nd experience: “I obtained the Kanna from an on-line supplier after reading a plethora of positive reactions, with few, if any, negatives. I’m no longer into the hard tripping with possible fear or palpitations – I just want to feel warm, cozy and friendly naturally. This is my third experience with Kanna. I ordered 5g of the powdered stuff and now realize that this amount should last me at least a year, perhaps less if I grow comfortable enough with the experience to share with wife and friends.

Here’s the rub: please be careful with dosage. So far I have not taken more than a small pinch at a time. All times have been buccal/oral dosing, in between the cheek and gums for five minutes followed by swallowing. I mean a small pinch – often just licking the tip of my finger and putting it in the bag and taking whatever sticks to it. I do not know the effects of much higher dosages – but what I felt from these small dosages is real and powerful… Read more

3rd Experience

3. Antidepressant Approved By Me
Sceletium effects recorded from 3rd experience: “So I read about this stuff on a forum, so I decided to give it a try. I did the research and I read that snorting this stuff works the best. So when I received my Kanna extract (There was no given strength so I’m not sure how strong it was) I grinded it even more because it wasn’t quite powder yet. I snorted a few lines and it burned like hell. I didn’t really feel any effects, or noticeable effects.

So the next day I took about a little more than half a gram and put it in some water. I shook it up, drank it as quick as possible (taste was getting to me). I did not truly notice anything crazy but I did start to get a little sweaty about 20 minutes after. Then I noticed that I was very awake, and I was so happy to talk to new people at my school (I’m very shy to new people). I was very satisfied with the oral ingestion because it lifted my mood greatly. Read more