sceletium usage

Sceletium tortuosum Uses

Basic uses of Kanna in powder, tablets or capsule form are for:

– Social phobia and any Anxiety states
– Improvement of libido – if caused by anxiety or low mood
– Menopausal irritability
– Anti-depressant
– Combats Stress and helps to cope with it
– Uplifts your mood
– Peaceful sleeping
– Increases energy
– Decreases tension

More and more doctors and psychologists have started to use Sceletium tortuosum with extraordinary results. Mostly for patients who suffers from stress, anxiety and depression. As indicated in historical uses to date, the public uses Kanna to elevate mood and combat tension, hence the nickname: Nature’s Prozac.

Smoking Sceletium tortuosum

Kanna teacut / roughcut are preffered to be smoken. People smoking Sceletium reported that it is a smooth and relaxing experience, when it is been smoked on it’s own or mixed with other herbs or tobacco of your choice. The plant material are not harsh on the throat and lungs. The material must be dried in order to be smoked. When smoking, the effects can be felt within seconds and can peak up to 60 minutes, depending on the dosage.

Taking Sceletium tortuosum orally.

We recommend that you start with 50mg and work yourself up from there to no much than 1000mg at first. Our bodies are all different and will thus react differently. Preferred way is to infuse the material as a tea tincture or you can chew the plant for a while, then swallow it.

This is one of the reviews left on our online shop:

Kanna Teacut
This is a life changing product. I suffer from depression and gave up SSRI’s because they were taking away my joy of life completely… I had no downs but I also had no ups! I am so much more content and even happy and more energetic since smoking this product. You can also add a pinch to tea too if you prefer not to smoke it.
marianne :: 29 Aug 2013, 22:16